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Over the past few years Cozzolino's Pumpkins has focused on expanding and thinking outside the box. Most companies decorate for Christmas, but a fall harvest display can make a big impression as well. Our company has been designing and decorating entryways and lobbies for hotels, restaurants and even incorporating pumpkins for fall weddings.

Fall weddings are the perfect time to turn your dream wedding into a ballroom of sunflowers and exotic fall displays. Small pumpkins have been used as flower vases, candle holders, and even centerpieces. Your imagination can make your wedding venue as unique as ever.

Shown below are some pumpkin and gourd displays that we have put together. We can set up displays for fall events, weddings, local businesses, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Display for fall festive events and weddings:

Displays at businesses:

Displays at hotels:

Our display at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas:

Displays at restaurants:

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