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Please Note: All of our products are planted, cleaned, and picked by hand. None of our products have the use of sprays or pesticides. Our company takes great pride in our farm and the quality of our merchandise.
Assorted Gourds

Avg. Weight: 1-3 lbs.
Color: Orange, white, green, striped multi-colored
Features: A unique variety of many colors and shapes. Decorative. Very long lasting!
Atlantic Giants

Avg. Weight: 100-500 lbs.
Color: Assorted
Features: Very nice center piece for displays. Large serface areas. Same pumpkins that are found in "pumpkin weigh offs".

Avg. Weight: 4-8 lbs.
Color: Green
Features: The original birdhouse gourd. Green, smooth, and hard shelled.
Corn Stalks
Extra Long Dipper

Avg. Weight: 5-10 lbs.
Color: Spotted green
Features: 2'-3' long gourd. Very long neck, hard shell, very long lasting.
Fairytale Pumpkin

Avg. Weight: 5-12 lbs.
Color: Green to beige
Features: Unique eating and ornamental.
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Hay Bales
Charisma PMR (F1) (Treated)
Howden Pumpkin

Avg. Weight: 18-26 lbs.
Color: Deep orange
Features: Nice thick strong handles, deep orange with deep ribs, the traditional “Jack -O’- lanterns”.
Indian corn for web | Patterson Farm
Indian Corn
Indian Doll F1 Pumpkin Seeds | DP Seeds Commercial Hybrid Vegetable ...
Indian Doll Pumpkin

Avg. Weight: 5-20 lbs.
Color: Light orange
Features: Very unique, edible heirloom, looks like two different species squashed into one.

Avg. Weight: 6-10 lbs.
Color: Gray
Features: Decorative, drum shaped fruit with heavy rounded ribs and slate-gray skin.
... lists Moonscape F1 Hybrid, which they describe as a pinkish pumpkin

Avg. Weight: 4-12 lbs.
Color: Pinkish orange
Features: Very interesting, round, brand new.
Porcelain Doll

Avg. Weight: 4-12 lbs.
Color: Pink
Features: The official pumpkin of Breast Cancer. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to the “Breast Cancer Foundation”.
Rouge Vif D'Etampes
Rouge Vif D’Etampes

Avg. Weight: 10-15 lbs.
Color: Scarlet
Features: Flat shaped, looks like a red cheese wheel, also known as Cinderella.
Winter Luxury
Sugar Pies

Avg. Weight: 1-2 lbs
Color: Deep orange
Features: Known for its great taste, the flesh is good for pies, bread, etc.
Swan Gourd

Avg. Weight: 4-8 lbs
Color: Green with white specks
Features: A crookneck gourd whose tip looks like a swan's head.
Tiger Pumpkins

Avg. Weight: 1 lb.
Color: White/Yellow strip
Features: Ornamental pumpkin, long lasting, nice shape, perfect for a desk.
Turban Pumpkin

Avg. Weight: 3-7 lbs.
Color: Assorted
Features: Very unique. Decorative. Looks like two different species squashed into one.

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